Feb 06

When it comes to sexually satisfying Katina there is usually 1 thing that will always work. That special solution is a fist. This girl loves to have both her ass and pussy screwed on a regular basis but when she is feeling extra horny she demands that her holes get a petite more than just a cock. Whether she is getting nailed by some lucky son of a skank or is masturbating Katina never tires of the feeling of a fist sliding inside of her.

This wasn’t always the case as Katina used to be a straight missionary position type of lady. But after a few lovers and some experimentation she has found that 1 should never limit themselves when it comes to sex. Without that attitude Katina never would have discovered the joys of fisting and it is fair to say that it is now her favorite sexual practice!

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Feb 05

Tobi has never been timid about her sexuality and sometimes being so straight forward can turn a man off. But as Tobi herself has said, if a dude can’t handle my words he sure won’t be able to handle my body. Last week at the cabin Tobi met this dude while she was out on a moonlit walk by the lake. She was impressed that he was just as nasty as she was and they agreed to meet again the next evening.

Before Tobi had even left the next day this dude was knocking on her door and telling her all the things he planned on doing to her beautiful body. Tobi was in heaven as she had finally found someone with some spontaneity. As he knelt before her and ate her bitch he stopped momentarily and said, “I want to fist fuck you”. Tobi just shuddered with excitement and spread her legs wider as this guy slowly slid his fist into her wet snatch.

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Feb 04

1 day when we were showering together my girlfriend told me about a friend of hers who was bragging that even though her pussy was as tight as a virgins she could still handle an entire fist whenever the urge struck her. I laughed it off at first until last night when I was performing my weekly ritual of shaving my babe’s muff to make it as smooth as silk.

When I was rinsing off her newly shaved pussy I began to finger her and asked her if she would like to try for that full fist she had mentioned earlier. She just said it was about time that I got the hint and with a little lube it didn’t take too long before I had 4 fingers inside her. With a tiny guidance from my girlfriend she soon managed to take my entire fist into her sweet lil pussy. It was fucking unbelievable to do and dl!

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Feb 03

I was working at a pic shoot the other day when it occurred to me that something was happening that I didn’t expect. When we broke for lunch most of the camera crew took off and never came back. In there place after our break were 3 guys and 4 or five totally hot pornography star types. I was getting my hopes up that I would get to stay and work the lighting for this upcoming action!

As it turns out I was needed for the afternoon shoot and before long there were a couple of hot bitches naked and doing each other every way possible as the cameras snapped away. I was having a amazing time and then I got to see something I had never seen before. This 1 chick was taking more and more fingers into her ho and next thing I know she is fully fisted and coming all over the place. What a sight to behold!

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Feb 02

This horny petite babe is not a stranger to shooting pornography scenes but she had no clue what she was up for when she came to the studio this day. She’d done a lot of crazy things but she’d never done fisting and they decided it was about time to initiate her into the world of fist fucking.

When she got to the studio she happily got naked and waited for her co-star to come on. And when he did he got her nice and wet with his tongue before they started shooting. She was so horny that she couldn’t wait to view his weiner. But instead of getting nude once they started rolling, he started fingering her. Petite by petite he stretched out her small hole. And she was getting so excited that she wasn’t even thinking about his peen anymore. She wanted his whole hand inside of her! And that’s exactly what she got!

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Feb 01

There’s this young babe named Janessa that I keep finding in online pornography and I love her. She’s so damn sexy and there’s not a thing that she won’t do! I love the fact that she’s so adventurous and willing to try anything. She’s even into fisting!

This woman has the kind of twat that can take anything, any size so really I should be surprised that she’s a fisting whore as well! I love watching that hot puss getting filled with fingers until she’s got her gash full of a large fist! And listening to her get more and more excited really works for me! As that fist is sliding in and out of her pussy and she’s screaming like a whore, my boner just gets harder and harder! If u love fisting like I do I am sure you’ll love this babe! Click on her photo and watch more of her sexy fist fucking gallery!

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Jan 31

Some babes just aren’t content with anything less than a full vag stretching and a fist is what they crave. If you like watching babez that love to get fist penetrated as much as I do then you’ll love this new site – Fully Fisted! These chicks take some pretty xxx fisting.

This is 1 of their sexy models, Megan and she can take some serious fisting. She gets all warmed up with some vagina play first to get that pretty vag all nice and juicy. And then she’s prepared for more. A couple fingers turn into all 4 fingesr inside her twat and the next thing you know her twat is slobbing up the entire fist. This babe loves having her muff fisted and you aren’t going to believe how loud she screams! When that fist is pounding her delicate twat she is plenty happy and she makes sure everyone within a city block is going to hear her!

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Jan 30

If you are looking for the hottest whores with pussies that need just a lil bit more then you’ve found the right place. These sluts aren’t satisfied with a large cock – they need their cunts stretched out wide by a tubby fist. Juicy snatches are getting stretched wide right here in front of your very eyes as these twats are filled with a thick fist all the way to the wrist. Listen to these bitches moan as they are fist screwed beyond their wildest fantasies. These babes love getting fisted porn and you won’t believe it until you view it.

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